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EnableUtah has been fortunate to enjoy strong support from a generous community. Our facility in Ogden Industrial Park has served us well for over 25 years, and represents a sizeable investment from our community. The time has come for us to look to the future, a future that will house all our programs under one roof, which will improve access to all our programs, and promote community integration while saving energy and protecting the environment.   

4 Reasons Why

INCLUSION:  The current site locations of EnableUtah are separate and apart from the broader Ogden community and being located in an industrial park doesn’t facilitate the opportunity for our participants easy access to the community. EnableUtah has received continual comments from state and advocacy groups about how being in an industrial park setting does not fully support the requirement of being “in the community”. The Home and Community Based Settings Act actually requires that individuals with disabilities spend a significant amount of their time “in the community”.  

ACCESS:  Currently EnableUtah operates out of two separate facilities, one that houses most of our employment services and the other that houses our day and enrichment programs. This forces a participant to pick a site for the day where they can only access the programs housed at the site. Currently, we don’t have a resource room for the public to learn about services for people with disabilities.

EFFICIENCY:  EnableUtah strives to be green, energy efficient and operate our facilities more economically. Unfortunately, our current facilities are obsolete and costly to maintain which limits our ability to direct more resources for programming and services that directly benefit our participants.  

INNOVATION:  Flexibility in space and facility use is instrumental in being innovative and responsive to the needs of the community. There are so many unmet needs that require dedicated space to explore new ways to make dreams come true for our participants. With a larger facility, there will be space for community gatherings and events, expansion of new Enrichment Programs, or the addition of resource rooms and innovationcenters to help individualswith disabilities establish their own business using their creativity and skills.

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