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Every business needs good people. EnableUtah participants are some of the best. Our training program instills values of hard work, reliability, problem solving, and respect. Don't let the word "disability" fool you. Individuals with disabilities are able to do just as well or better than any other employee off the street. We don't have to tell you about the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Hiring someone with a cognitive or physical disability is a choice you won't regret. 

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How it works

How does it work?

  • How do I hire someone with a disability?

    Call us or submit an inquiry here. Tell us your available position. One of our team will contact you and talk more about your needs. Our team of job coaches will select EnableUtah participants (individuals with disabilities seeking a job in the community) that they think would be perfect for you. They'll introduce them to you, make sure you think they're a good fit, and assist with any of the accommodations needed to help the participant thrive in the position. Our Job Coach will continue to be the point of contact after the hire is made. 


How it works

Who pays the individual?

  • Am I hiring the individual on my payroll or contracting with EnableUtah to pay them?

    The simple answer to this is "both" or "either/or". It all depends on what your needs are. Typically, individuals are paid through a contract with EnableUtah that you'll be billed for until you decide it's a good fit. Then you're encouraged to hire the individual as part of your regular payroll. Some exceptions to this might be if the individual is receiving benefits from the Department of Services for People with Disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation, or are part of a similar program. In these cases it might benefit you and the individual with disabilities to stay on as a contractor through EnableUtah. Our team of job coaches and supported employment specialists can answer this question on an individual basis. 


How it works

What about safety?


How it works

What if I'm inexperienced?

  • I've never managed or even been around people with disabilities. What if I don't know how to handle them?

    This is a common barrier to employment for individuals with disabilities. We get it. Interacting with someone with a cognitive or physical disability can be intimidating for someone with no experience or training. Don't worry though. Our job coaches are also here for you to offer direction and guidance. EnableUtah is committed to providing you and your team the resources you need to enjoy working with an individual with disabilities. We know that you'll soon find that underneath everything, we're all the same. People just want to be treated well, work hard, and build a life for themselves. 

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